Dr Harran did my nose two years ago, it is very natural and proportional with my face features i sometimes forget how my nose used to look like. It is as if i had this nose all my life... Your work is definitely some sort of art.

I didn't think that doing a facelift will take off 20 years off my face. I am pleasantly surprised. A big thank you to Dr. Harrane for helping me regain my youtful and radiant look.

After a lengthy weight loss program, my body needed reshaping. Liposuction was exactly what I needed to achieve that. I now have a graceful silhouette and can wear anything I want and walk proudly.

My nose job has boosted my self-esteem and made me want to show it off in public and in pictures. I am indebted to Dr. Harrane for this life-changing surgery.

I used to always shy away from going to the beach because of my small breasts. Now, with my implants, I feel so confident inside out because it put my feminity into focus. The surgery has drastically changed my life.

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